Developing Android Applications in NetBeans

Eclipse may be the IDE of choice for many and the standard development platform for Android applications but I could never really enjoy working with eclipse. Every other update it seems to break which forces me to reinstall and reconfigure it and waste a lot of time. I don’t know if I’m just to stupid to use the update function of Eclipse or if this happens regularly. Anyway I try to avoid Eclipse as much as possible to avoid wasting time on repairing my IDE.

My preferred IDE is NetBeans which does not come with Android support by default but the project NBAndroid fixes this issue by providing a very good plugin. Once installed the plugin provides everything needed to develop Android applications with NetBeans. The installation is pretty easy and documented here.

I have used this plugin for about a year now and I’m really pleased with it. But one thing should be considered when using this:
Updating the Android SDK to a new major version usually breaks the NBAndroid plugin. This is of course related with the changes in the SDK and the plugin gets updated pretty quickly. The last update of the Android SDK which added support for Android 4 took the developers of NBAndroid about a week to update the SDK.

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